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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Random Uploads

I think these may still be from summer but they may be from the beginning of school.  

I just realized the other day that all my kids have really great smiles.  I thoroughly enjoy them.  Here is one coming into the house to show me that her and Isabelle managed to get themselves drenched.  This is also her favorite PJ, courtesy of Oma.  She loves it because of the little tutu.  It's wayyy too big but she doesn't care a bit.

One of the last days Treuce was still here.  They moved a bit further north.  :-(  Here they are doing crafty things, which completely shocked me.  Abby does it all the time but Treuce and Nathan don't usually.  Maybe they felt the heavyness of looming separation and it made them act out in a way....  :-)

This made my day: My generous neighbor Angela came over and gifted these beautiful Sunflowers to me.  They brought much joy.

We had the pleasure of the Y. kids coming over a few times.  The boys, Nathan, Josiah and KJ, usually play some sort of sport, mostly soccer.  Or they can be found in the middle of a Nerf fight.  Esther and the girls do all sorts of playing in their room or enjoy crafts.  Here Esther got completely side-tracked by the cute baby.  The baby does that to me a lot.

And the A. kids got to join in on the fun!  Here is Tate but Zane and Kezia and baby Emberlee came as well.  An intense game of Apples to Apples brought them much enjoyment.

Kezia, Esther, Hannah and Isabelle.

Pipecleaners at their best.  Someone (I think Nathan) had made glasses out of pipecleaners.  Isabelle took them apart (as she does with most things) and couldn't put them back together.  So I had to make them again.  Then this very funny girl made some of thsoe very funny faces.  She makes me laugh.

Cutie patootie and the handsome man.  This was the summer of the beard and as I type this, he has shaved it off.  This particular day was a T-ball practice day.  Isabelle has no understanding of time, so she asks us all the time when T-Ball finally starts.  It doesn't until spring....

K-nex days.  Here the girls made levers and pulleys.  They had a fabulous time building, especially Abby.  

The ant farm.  We had to lure some ants into the box.  Which is actually harder than you'd think.  If I drop a piece a food, a gazillion ants come.  If I put food in the ant farm to lure them, 10 come.  Maybe.  So we dropped the food on the ground and then captured them.  Sneaky. This was so much fun though.  We all loved watching them daily and seeing new tunnels, new behavior, etc.

Oh my word!  The cuteness is unbearable.  :-)  She lined up all her animals (well, really Abby's and Isabelle's) and made animal sounds.

Yep, we actually let William come in with that jersey on...  :-)  One of the last play dates of summer.  Tanya and I still get to have bible studies on Fridays because she is now homeschooling Hannah!  But William is still at Firm, so Nathan doesn't get to see him.

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