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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Sunday Walk

These are still pictures from a Sunday walk at a local water fall.  We like this one because everyone can walk easily on the straightened path and the dog can come along too.  Plus, if the kids are lucky, they get to see teenagers jump off the bridge into the water.

Hannah having such a blast.

The boy is turning out to be such a baby fanatic.  :-)  That little tot has him wrapped all around her little fingers and he can't say no to her even if his life depended on it.

Pretty girl.  Don't you just love her combo of elegant dress and athletic shoes?  

Dog coming along!

Just love this area.  There is so much beauty all around us here.

Love me some clear, clear water.

Hannah catching the dada train.

These two pictures crack me up.  Here is the pouty girl one.

And then instantly happy!

Finding treasures.

Big sis, little sis.

Exploring together.

Two red-heads .

The handsome man and the boy.

Even found a painted rock!  It is a big thing right now where people paint rocks and hide them.  If you find one, you can keep or re-hide.  This was Nathan's first one.

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