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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election Night 2016

Until actual election night, we had conversations here and there about the election, the candidates, the process.  Nathan actually read parts of the pamphlet below but Abby was not really interested.  But last night, after dad went upstairs to watch the election, the kids got really excited.  Nathan came down first and asked for his electoral votes sheet.  I explained it to him and he hurridly (is that a word?) went upstairs with a red and a blue pencil.  Shortly after came Abby, requesting the same setup of clipboard, paper and pencils.  I wasn't able to watch it as I was way to nervous.  So I stayed downstairs to entertain the littles.  We, probably as much of the rest of the nation, expected Hillary (who was not our candidate), to win quickly.  After all, the media had ran many scenarios and it would be tough for Mr. Trump to break through and Hillary automatically got the big electoral votes for CA (55), WA (12), OR (7), and HI (4).  The kids kept coming down and being excited at all he had accomplished and I kept reminding them that Mrs. Clinton had the West Coast still and to remember that CA alone had a whopping 55 electoral votes.  But then my husband started coming down and getting excited.  I think we started to hold on to hope when he got Florida.  More states followed, but still not enough.  And some key states came up that were Democratic voters, giving Mrs. Clinton the win.  When the first blue states turned red, everyone in our house went crazy.  But I didn't want to get my hopes up and then get them smashed!  
While I colored fairies with little Isabelle fox and while Hannah slumbered upstairs, the states slowly turned from blue to red.  We were all excited.  There was hope.  Now there was a real chance.
The night continued on and fox girl went upstairs to watch for a little bit while I did my gazillion loads of laundry.  My family in Germany woke up, some of them excited, some of them upset.  But that is politics. I'm not holding it against them.  Especially since the ones who were against Trump, were being upset about things he was doing that they weeks earlier had complained about Germany not doing!  So I know it is just misinformation.  But Europe was shocked, to say the least.  My German friends, Trump supporters, were shocked.  One of my friends, Ellen, was up all night trying to understand. She was excited when they called certain states and asked what he had to win.  
It was getting late and my little fox girl was even getting tired.  She went to bed without much of a fight.  When the last three battlestates were showing a lead by Trump (MI, PA included) even my die-hard boy hit is stay-awake limit and went to bed.  Abby was invited :-) to go as well and went, relieved because she obviously had taken on our beliefs, stuffed kitty and real kitty in arm to her bed.  It took way too long for the news stations to call him the winner because my poor heart had such anxiety.  Right before Mr. Trump came out to make a speech, even Fox News and CNN finally called him the winner of this election.  David was ecstatic, to say the least.  He had felt a lot of anxiety in the last few weeks for the direction the country might go.  He is a strong patriot and obviously was also anxious for his children.  Truly, he loves America so much.  It was hard for him to see his beloved America change in a way he did not value.  We sat up way too late, talking, celebrating and enjoying the new President's first speech.  It was a speech of unification.  How this campaign was hard and he reminded all Americans that we are just that, Americans.  All of us.  He reminded us to come together.  Because that is what Americans do at the end of the day.  God gave us another chance.  He's used imperfect men over and over in history to do great things.  I strongly hope this is a wake-up call for this nation and that we will unite and we will not implode from within.  My hope is that America will once again be a lighthouse for the world.  Maybe not during this president's term, but hopefully by the time our children grow up.  The chance is laid before us, a tide has been turned.

Electoral Vote sheet that the kids were filling out during the election.  Here is Nathan's.

The booklet the kids could read about the process and the candidates.

Nathan captivated, cute girl anxious, dad excited.

Not all the presidents are on here.  My lens is too small.  But this is a fun piece for the kids to read through the presidents and find interesting facts.

Fox girl and I colored fairies, which was quite less anxious than watching the election.  After this year, I can't handle a lot of anxiety.

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