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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Halloween 2016

Our neighbors down the road moved out of town.  Bummer.  But we try to get the kids together and enjoy each others company whenever we can.  So Halloween was a perfect opportunity for some deeeelicious Pho and some major candy.
I'm actually amazed at how we did with costumes this year because the only person who was actually asked what they wanted was Nathan.  Him and Treuce had decided weeks before that they would be assassins.  Yes, a mom's dream come true.  They were thinking along the lines of Ninjas when no one had an actual ninja costume and they were hard to come by, the theme evolved. They ended up deciding to make their own costumes and well, the girls definitely were way cuter!  ;-)  

This picture is such a story of my girls.  Abby, the big mommy. Hannah, ever the helper.  Isabelle, always up to something no one else has thought of.  :-)  That picture makes me laugh.

This girl is just the cutest.   We had to take the kitty make-up off though because she was literally too stressed to keep it and not being able to touch her nose.  She still puts her finger on her nostrils when she is tired or really relaxed.  So the thought of messing the costume up or not being able to put her finger on her nostril, was just too much to bear.

There he is, the assassin.  Why such a person wears gold bead necklaces, I do not know.  It was funny though.  We actually bought him a whole costume but he chose to just take the mask.  While at the store looking at costumes, he was utterly fascinated with the mask.  He made me wear it in the store to confirm that one truly could not see the wearers face even though the wearer could see perfectly well.  That completely and utterly boggled his mind.

The whole gang.  Warmed by delicious pho, made by Lintha, and some pizza for some of the kids, we braved this town.  Eunice was the cutest little pirate and Treuce thought the Scream mask was quite awesome.  Be aware, Elsa is spraying you with ice.  Hannah is starting to lick the basket, time to get some candy.

Isabelle just cracks me up.   She was probably the most excited of all the kids.

Yep, stuffed those cheeks with candy.  Secretly too.  I opened the door to let her out and like she knew, she tried to act normal.  However, for some reason, she couldn't answer any questions.  It was funny seeing her try though.

My happy crew.  Tired but candy-happy.  Sugar-induced crash following the next day.  :-)

It was a really neat day with our friends.  Their hospitality is always so beyond anything we;d expect. And it is such a treat to find out all about Lintha's Laotian traditions and foods.  It is really sad they moved.  Hopefully we can stay in touch for years to come.

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