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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Homeschool Funnies

History Test on the First Kinds of England
Britain is divided into four parts.  Name them.
Abigail: Wales, England, Ireland and either Delaware or Scottland.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Our Lives Lately

Our lives have been crazy this year, starting with Abby's fainting.  There were two ER trips for Dave, a scoliosis diagnosis, Nathan had his second concussion, there was All-Stars and a trip to Seattle area for 1 week to go along with that, there were multiple car troubles, sick children over and over, a sinus infection, an ear infection, much anxiety by a mama stretched to her limits and who seems to ever be exhausted, two ER trips by a mama with a concussion and now the aftermath of the concussion, trying to do my best homeschooling and doing daily mama work the best I can.  After all, adversity builds character.  And I'm not being sarcastic when I say that,  It makes you stronger.  And according to the song my girls love to sing and what my mama used to preach: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."  And that woman went through more than most ever will in a lifetime, so I'm listenen when she talks.  But let me tell you, Charlie, I can't wait to put this year behind us.  Less than 30 days to go.  :-)

But here are all the reasons that make me not throw in the towel and curl up in bed when I think I can't handle anymore (plus that awesome man by my side - unfortunately no pictures of him in here....)

That cutest of gray kittens is ruling our house.  My friend Kathy G. told me this would happen.  She was so right.  :-)  But it's in a good way.  That little things has all six of us (yes, even Dave), wrapped around its little paws.  The boy who always (ALWAYS) moves will lay down by the back door on the carpet to get snuggles.  Or won't move for hours while he has a kitty sleeping in his lap.

A photo op.  Nathan took this picture of the kitty using Nathan's smart phone to talk to Oma on What's App.

As per Isabelle, kitty needed a kitty to sleep with.  That only makes sense.  Isabelle would hold the kitty literally all day long.  We have to make her let it go.  

Copper loves his little friend and they play a lot (when no one is holding the kitten).  It is amusing to watch them.  Either Copper will go up to the sleeping kitten and use his snout to move the whole tiny thing across the floor until he wakes up and plays with him.  Or kitty will attack the sleeping dog by jumping on his snout and wrapping himself around it and attacking by biting until the dog sleepily gets up and plays along.

K'Nex are just awesome.  They now have Nerf-gun-like sets that Nathan adores.  He builds his own guns and adds little extras to them.  They have quickly become even more popular than the actual Nerf guns.

Just a cute picture of Miss Isabelle, who is growing her hair out.  She wanted to have hair like Rapunzel from Tangled.  So she is growing that never-ending hair.

Hannah decided that it was time for the kitty to go potty and brought it to the litterbox.  She cracks me up.  She'll carry the kitten and hum songs to it while bouncing it up and down.  We keep trying to teach her that kittens don't like to bounce.  But the kitten doesn't seem to mind.  It's a pretty chill cat. 

Homeschool madness.  This year, I'm trying to make school more fun.  It is stressing me big time getting all the fun activities in but it is so worth it.  This was a pretty fun one for the Maori Warriors of New Zealand.  It was fairly easy to do as well.  As you can see, Abby more than enjoyed doing this and getting into character.  We did something similar for the Celts and while they wouldn't remember anythings about the Celts if it were just for the chapter we did, they will immediately recall everything once I remind them of the blue swirls in their faces.  We've also done Merovingian brooches (cloisonne), Viking brooches.  The kids are loving this and making some as these for Christmas gifts.  It is really fun seeing them enjoying the extras so much.  I'm grateful our program allows me to pay for these projects for the kids.

Little girl learned how to put her shoes on by herself.

Here is her very proud face after she put her shoes on by herself.  Oh, how I love that little face.  It is so much like Dave's but so much cuter (sorry, babe).  

There are sooooo many blessings in my life, including the most fun red-headed 9-year old I have every known (no photos of her either).  It is easy to get distracted by everything that is making you weary and tired and wearing you down.  But we need to be thankful in everything.  And that most certainly helps.